Choosing Happiness

Phi-Psy Therapy as a Quest for Human Happiness

What Is Phi-Psy Therapy?

Phi-Psy therapy is a cognitive, agent-based therapy, which aims to help clients find happiness in a world in which happiness seems increasingly difficult to find.


We draw selectively from the rich virtue-ethics tradition of ancient philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle, and the Stoics Chrysippus, Epictetus, Aurelius, and Seneca in an effort to give our therapy a strong moral foundation. We are wedded to the notion that any form of psychotherapy is essentially moral—that is, there can be no notion of wellbeing that is morally neutral. Psychotherapy is at once morally evaluative.


We draw eclectically from the experience-driven insights of psychologists such as Freud, Piaget, Erikson, Mazlow, and Horney. Utilizing, for instance, developmental models of how information is gleaned and processed and psychoanalytic models of how memories that are inaccessible to consciousness can again be made conscious, Phi-Psy therapy aims to orient clients to reality by lessening the grip of human passions and freeing reason to function unperturbed.


It is this marriage of philosophy and psychology that makes Phi-Psy therapy unique, and effective.

Phi-Psy Therapy: The Fundamentals

Phi-Psy therapy is cognitive.

Our clients are deemed fundamentally rational beings. Much human unhappiness, we believe, is caused merely by mistakes of reasoning. Therapywhich can include attending seminars and webinars, reading from the Phi-Psy library or bookstore, and one-on-one interaction with a Phi-Psy therapistaims at softening human passions (anxiety or pleasure about present ills or goods and fear or desire about future ills or goods) to enable reason to work unencumbered.

Phi-Psy therapy is agent-centered.

Clients, we maintain, are voluntary creatures. As such, clients can deliberate about possible courses of action and choose among them. Therefore, our clients are considered not subjects, but agents or progressors, who through the assistance of Phi-Psy therapy, will be enabled to see how the choices they make determine the person they are.

Phi-Psy therapy is character-forming.

We work to identify divisive patterns of behavior, created by strong passions that are in control of reason, that keep agents from discovery of a true self. We, thus, enable agents to work toward a character that is monolithic insofar as it becomes firm and unchanging, and morally responsible.